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The Badger Barrel is baddest all-in-one no-bs BBQ/Smoker on the market. As versatile as it is easy to use, the BB eats its competition as quickly as you’ll eat the food it cooks. See About for the full story.

Owning a Badger Barrel will not only make you a pit master, it will also make you an overnight badass. Similarly, wearing Badger Barrel apparel is like owning a Hells Angels jacket without the initiation process. Browse the full line here.

The Badger doesn't believe in price gouging. It doesn't pander to retailers that don't put their customers first, doesn't answer to boards, and doesn't pay high-salary employees to work from home, which allows the brand to stay solely focused on quality and affordability. You're welcome.

Both the name and the brand were inspired by the infamous Honey Badger of the viral video fame, which was “referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom. It really doesn’t give a shit.” Need we say more?

Absolutely. The Badger Barrel uses (stole) all of its older brother from another mother, the Pit Barrel Cookers accessories. Browse the selection HERE:

The Badger Barrel utilizes the same cooking method as a Pit Barrel. To see tons of videos for how to cook in the Badger Barrel, visit our website at or click HERE

The Badger Barrel's exterior coating is high-temperature paint, allowing the product to be lighter and more durable when transporting.

The paint is tested for temperatures not to exceed 660°F and is only intended for BBQing and smoking food. Under no circumstances is the Badger Barrel meant to be used as a fire pit.

The Badger Barrel is sold exclusively on Amazon and

At a cost of only $249.99 + tax shipped to your door, the Badger Barrel is one of the best values on the market, and is dedicated to keeping operating, material, and production costs low in order to stay that way.

We have to charge tax, which is calculated at checkout, or we’ll go to jail.

Yes, it's a good idea to do 1 burn prior to cooking any food with an outdoor cooking product that is coated with high-temperature paint. Half a coal basket of charcoal is more than enough to burn off any non-toxic oils that may occur during production.

The simple process for lighting the Badger Barrel is identical to the Pit Barrels, which can be seen HERE.

Yes, the thin-gauge material is light and easy to transport. The high-temperature paint coating also keeps the weight down and doesn't chip like heavy porcelain-coated products sometimes can.

While Badger returns are more rare than a frozen steak...

We stand by our products. Before returning, please contact us directly as it may be something that we can help troubleshoot over the phone or email. PBC Co. will accept voluntary returns up to 30 days after a product has been purchased when it is unopened and unused for a restocking fee of 25%. Proof of purchase is required for any replacements or returns.

We will replace any defective merchandise within one year of the purchase date. However, surface rust and wear-and-tear is not.

Shipping times are determined by and detailed during the purchase process.

No. The Badger Barrel ships exclusively to the US per Amazon’s policies.

Please email us at for all inquiries.

The approximate shipping weight, including the box, is 34 lbs.

The assembled dimensions are 22.25" W x 18" D x 40.81” H

The box dimensions are 18" W x 18" D x 24.5" H

Like badgers themselves, the Badger Barrel is tough as nails but nothing is indestructible. When used as directed and treated with respect, the BB will outlive its competition.

No. The Badger Barrel is extremely versatile out of the box and even more so when paired with a wide range of accessories. Check out the How-To videos on for different ways to cook your favorite foods.

Badgers believe there are such things as stupid questions, but there are good ones as well. Know the difference before calling 855-DGF-2022 or emailing us at

Yes. This badger doesn’t hibernate, nor does it care what the weather is doing. Fire away.

Yes. Visit for different recipes and videos.

The Badger Barrel cooks exclusively with fire. Use your favorite briquette or lump charcoal brand to fuel it. Pellets, extension cords or smart phone apps have no place here.

Badger had to look this up:

1. a portable cooking apparatus consisting of a small grill over a brazier

Use the Badger Barrel in Hibachi mode to achieve perfect sears over high, close heat.

Did one come in the box? If so, our mistake and someone will be fired. You do not need a water pan.

Charcoal burn times vary according to brand, type, and quantity, but if lighting and cooking instructions are followed, one basket of charcoal will last long enough for any cook.

Yep, sure can. Following any cook, shut the intake and exhaust vents completely to extinguish the fire and preserve any unused charcoal for your next cook.

Nope, sure doesn’t. But if you don't own basic tools such as a screwdriver and a wrench, it may be time to make a trip to the hardware store to either purchase those household staples or buy a cooker with an electrical cord instead.

Common sense alert🚨 Badger Barrel and Pit Barrel Cooker Co. are not responsible for damage or injury caused by poor decision-making, like putting lit flames near a wooden deck or other flammable surfaces. Use your head to live happily ever after.

Absolutely not. The Badger Barrel is coated with high-temperature paint not to exceed 660° F, making it suitable for basic BBQ’ing and smoking food. Use for any other purpose, such as a fire pit or burn barrel, will cause obvious and evident damage and will void all warranties.

Yes. Follow the instructions for the proper intake (bottom vent) setting based on your elevation for optimal cooking conditions. If you don't know what your elevation is or don't care, adjust the bottom intake vent to half-open. The top vent can remain fully open for most cooks. If for some reason you want to reduce the temperature, adjust the top vent to half open.

Hell yes, it does. Using the Badger Barrel in Hibachi mode will grill one of the best steaks you've ever had. See instruction manual for details.

24 inches. Next question.

Use a full coal basket (6-8 lbs) depending on if you are using briquettes or lump charcoal) for most cooks.

Temperature gauges are a great way to drive up costs without improving performance. In other words… No. Just like the Pit Barrel, the Badger Barrel has taken all of the guesswork out of cooking the most amazing BBQ you'll ever have.

Only if you want to win. Competition results don't lie: this style of cooking dominates the BBQ circuit.